Anahi | Galapagos Catamaran


The M/C Anahi, a Power Catamaran Yacht built in Guayaquil (Ecuador), was launched at the end of 2006. It offers high comfort for Galapagos island cruising. Each cruise will be relaxing and restful thanks to its unparalleled stability. The boat was originally built by Hyetil Haugan, a Norwegian entrepeneur. Later on, Hugo Torres purchased the boat and named it Anahi after his daughter. The second generation of Torres is now in charge. David, the oldest son, is a Galapagos naturalist guide certified by Galapagos and can often be found onboard guiding. This personal touch makes the Aanhi catamaran popular among nature enthusiasts voyagers.

Galapagos Anahi Catamaran Infrastructure

Sixteen voyagers can stay in six 14m2 twin cabins (2 that can be converted to double beds) on the main deck. There are also two suite cabins of 25m2 on the upper deck. Each cabin has large, portrait-type windows with views of the ocean. It also features a wooden floor, cozy private facilities, and hot/cold water showers, locker, closet, and air conditioning.

The yacht's main deck features ample resting areas, a library, TV-DVD area, comfortable dining room, and lounge. The yacht's upper deck features a charming bar, a great place to relax, and a hot tub that can accommodate six people. The sundeck is large and offers resting areas.

Anahi Catamaran Service

A Charming, friendly and well-trained crew of eight staff members will attend to your needs. A First Class Galapagos National Park guide who speaks English fluently and Spanish is also available. Other languages, such as French, Italian and German, can also be requested for Galapagos charter departures.

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